Our team has developed an Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) Educational Program to help prostate cancer patients manage the side effects of ADT through an interactive program built around the ADT Book. Our goal is to help prostate cancer patients improve their quality of life as well as maintain strong intimate relationships while on ADT. The program is designed to help prostate cancer patients to take appropriate actions to reduce or avoid the negative impact of ADT.

Participation in the program begins with a 1.5-hour group educational session, which introduces patients and their loved ones to ADT, the side effects of ADT, and management strategies for these side effects. Participants are introduced to the ADT Book and how to use goal setting exercises to manage ADT side effects. Both patients and partners receive a copy of the ADT Book, which they can then read at their own pace. 

The program is currently available in the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary, QE II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, and Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. An online version of the ADT Educational Program is also now available so that patients, partners and others can take the course across Canada.

This educational program is ideal for prostate cancer patients (and their partners) who will be on ADT for at least 6 months. We encourage patients to join the program “preemptively”—i.e., before they start ADT or as soon as possible after starting on ADT. That being said, patients who have been on ADT for any length of time are still welcome to attend.