Dealing with Androgen Deprivation: A French Perspective

Prostate cancer and androgen deprivation: Benefits of Psychological Counselling. By Frambati et al. 2014 


Concluding summary from the paper: “A multidisciplinary care program, ADAPP, has been created with a special focus on managing [side effects that negatively affects prostate cancer patients’ physical and psychological condition].


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Commentary: So far all of our blog posts have been in English. Out of respect for our Francophone colleagues, here is one in French. The researchers are largely based in Switzerland and recognize the psychological burden that androgen deprivation can cause. As a result, they offer their patients a multidisciplinary care program called ADAPP (androgenic deprivation in prostate cancer patients) and they have psychological support as a key part of their program. In many ways they appear to be ahead of what is offered in most cancer centers in North America. Although they do not present any particular special aid for patients, the mere fact that they have a program, which recognizes the need, is to their credit. 

Frambati L, Weber K, Canuto A, Miralbell R, Zilli T, Pichard C, Joly C, Voison N, Santos JF. 2013. [Prostate cancer and androgen deprivation: benefits of psychological counseling]. Revue Medicale Suisse 9(373):369-370, 372-363.