How does ADT affect the cardiovascular system?

It is well-established that ADT carries cardiovascular risks particularly for patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease. But does it also affect cardiovascular capacity in general? This study says it does and the impact is greater the longer the men are on ADT. Two classic measure of performance [i.e., maximum oxygen uptake and resting metabolic rate] were both higher (better) in men on ADT for a shorter (< 3 months) than longer (> 3 months) time.


Wall BA, Galvao DA, Fatehee N, Taaffe DR, Spry N, Joseph D, Newton RU. 2015. Reduced cardiovascular capacity and resting metabolic rate in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation: a comprehensive cross-sectional investigation. Advances in Urology 2015: Article ID 976235.