How dangerous is the overuse of ADT?

One often hears that "More men die with prostate cancer than of prostate cancer". Indeed that exact saying gets a couple of thousand hits in Google. This paper shows that overuse of ADT may in part account for the truth in this catchphrase.

Medical records on over 137,000 patients with metastatic prostate cancer treated between 1995 and 2009 were used in this analysis. The authors show that not just cardiovascular disease, but a large array of other diseases may be exacerbated by ADT. They found that for patients on ADT, there was a 9.5% increase in all causes of mortality at 10 years after their prostate cancer diagnosis. Another way to word that is that ADT was linked to an increase risk of mortality for reasons other than cancer itself in one out of 10 patients treated with hormone therapy.


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