Another review of those metabolic, cardiovascular and psychological side effect

This is a short article out of Italy, which is strictly a review of the literature on the metabolic, cardiovascular and psychological side effects of ADT. These have all been covered in many other reviews, which we have summarized here in the last two years. This article recognizes the breadth of the side effects from ADT and the need for multidisciplinary supportive care that goes well beyond monitoring the cancer itself. 


Mosca A, Volpe A, Beldi D, Bozzola C, Palma R, Rubinelli S, Pagano L, D'Avanzo F, Stratica F, Alabiso O, Terrone C. 2016. Prostate cancer and androgen deprivation therapy: Metabolic, cardiovascular and psychological side effects. Acta Medica International 3(2):158-164.