Does the duration of ADT affect diabetes risk?

This is yet another study of data from Sweden’s National Prostate Cancer Register. It involved 21,874 men on LHRH agonists, 3,014 men who had undergone an orchiectomy, and 9,143 men on just anti-androgens. Some of the data covered a full decade.

The risk of getting diabetes for patients on the LHRH drugs or who had received an orchiectomy peaked in the first three years, but declined thereafter. The increased risk was not seen in the men treated only with an anti-androgen.


Crawley D, Garmo H, Rudman S, Stattin P, Haggstrom C, Zethelius B, Holmberg L, Adolfsson J, Van Hemelrijck M. 2016. Association between duration and type of Androgen Deprivation Therapy and risk of diabetes in men with prostate cancer. Int J Cancer 139(12):2698-2704.