Are the hot flashes and night sweats experiences by men on ADT identical to those experienced by menopausal women?

Forty six men both wore a device that monitored changes in their skin conduction and also subjectively recorded when they experienced a hot flash. The frequency and distress from hot flashes men on ADT experienced closely matched what has been reported for menopausal women. The authors found that men with higher anxiety were more bothered by hot flashes. Alternatively, men who were more aware of the frequency and number of hot flashes they experienced were consequently more anxious. Thus the authors considered both the fact that anxious men may be more prone to hot flashes and that experiencing a lot of hot flashes can make some men more anxious.

The concordance between subjective and objective hot flashes was not great; more than half of the hot flashes documented by skin conduction went unnoticed by the men.


Hunter MS, Stefanopoulou E. 2016. Vasomotor symptoms in prostate cancer survivors undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. Climacteric 19(1):91-97.