Does ADT cause dementia?

This paper has received a lot of attention given its association between ADT and the risk of dementia. The data come from a review of medical records for 9272 individuals treated between 1994 and 2013, and followed for a median of 3.4 years. Within 5 years of starting ADT, 4.4% of patients got dementia. In comparison only 3.5% patients, who did not receive ADT got dementia.  That is an increase of less than 1%. That risk is age dependent, with the risk going up to 7.1% patients 70 or older.

Nead KT, Gaskin G, Chester C, Swisher-McClure S, Leeper NJ, Shah NH. 2016. Association between androgen deprivation therapy and risk of dementia. JAMA Oncol 3(1):49-55.