Does intermittent ADT (IADT) have lower risk of serious side effects than continuous ADT (CADT)?

In general, men on ADT with LHRH drugs appreciate a holiday where they can be free of hot flashes and can recover their sex drive and the stamina they had before going on hormone therapy.  But is intermittent ADT really better than continuous ADT in terms of the most serious side effects? 

The authors found a relatively high incidence of serious adverse side effects in both patient populations. Patients on continuous ADT experienced a significant higher risk of heart failure and of breaking a bone than those on intermittent therapy.


Tsai HT, Pfeiffer RM, Philips GK, Barac A, Fu AZ, Penson DF, Zhou Y, Potosky AL. 2016. Risks of serious toxicities from intermittent versus continuous androgen deprivation therapy for advanced prostate cancer patients: A population-based study. J Urol [Epub ahead of print] 16 December 2016.