Does one’s testosterone level, when starting ADT, have any effect on their long-term survival?

ADT lowers testosterone, but is there any relationship between what one’s testosterone level is when they start ADT and their risk of a premature death? The answer is yes, based on this article, which followed 1916 patients being treated with ADT and radiotherapy for a median of 7.2 years. Lower baseline testosterone seems to be associated with an increased risk of premature death. The problem isn’t necessarily the prostate cancer per se, but diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Of the 313 men that died during the study, over a third died from cardiovascular disease. Less than 4% died of prostate cancer.


Taira AV, Merrick GS, Galbreath RW, Butler WM, Adamovich E. 2016. Impact of androgen deprivation yherapy on overall mortality in prostate brachytherapy patients with low pretreatment testosterone levels. Am J Clin Oncol [Epub ahead of print] 12 October 2016.