What’s the best exercise program for men on ADT?

Physical exercise is an effective way to manage many ADT side effects. Exercise helps reduce fatigue, plus bone and muscle loss. It can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome. However, we don’t know what is the most effective exercise program. To address this topic, researchers in a new study asked: Is one-on-one personal training any better than supervised group or home-based exercise programs for men on ADT?

Fifty-nine prostate cancer patients on ADT participated in one of three exercise programs: 1) a one-on-one program with a personal trainer, 2) a supervised group-based program, or 3) a supervised home-based exercise program. All three programs involved moderate-intensity aerobic and resistance exercises undertaken 4-5 days per week for 6 months, with an overall weekly target of 150 minutes of exercise.

Men in all three groups were similarly satisfied with the program. The programs were also similar In terms of quality of life, fatigue, and fitness outcomes. Although more research with larger sample sizes is needed, these findings provide some evidence that, for men on ADT, supervised group-based and home-based programs can offer health benefits equivalent to more costly one-on-one personal training programs.

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