Yet another paper reporting a link between ADT and depression.

This is hardly new news—for here's another paper reporting a link between ADT and depression. The authors suggest as well that there may be a link between depression and cognitive function for patients on ADT. Moreover, they note that this potential link warrants further investigation. We agree.

We have a couple of cautionary notes, though, about this study. First of all, all of the patients are from Turkey and there may be ethnic and cultural differences in the propensity for men to experience negative psychological effects from ADT. That itself is worth further investigation. It should also be noted that the sample size is quite small, with only 72 men on ADT and an equal number of men who were not on ADT to serve as controls. 

However, we certainly agree with the overall conclusions of the study; i.e., physicians starting patients on ADT should discuss with them the potential impact this treatment may have on their mood, memory, and quality-of-life.

To read the study abstract, please see:

 Ceylan, Y., Gunlusoy, B., Koskderelioglu, A., Gedizlioglu, M., & Degirmenci, T. (2019). The depressive effects of androgen deprivation therapy in locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer: a comparative study. Aging Male. [Epub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1080/13685538.2019.1586869