"Living Your Best Life While on Androgen Deprivation Therapy" 

Below is a talk presented by Drs. Walker and Robinson at the Prostate Cancer Canada Network in Calgary in April 2015. The talk focuses on how to manage changes and side effects that can happen from androgen deprivation therapy, such as:

  • How to manage the physical side effects of ADT including: hot flashes, bone density loss, weight gain and muscle mass loss, fatigue, and increased cardio-metabolic risks.

  • How to navigate the emotional side effects of ADT and increase the psychological well-being of men on ADT as well as their loved ones.

  • Ways patients and their partners can maintain sexual pleasure and intimacy.

  • How to use the ADT Book to aid with goal-setting for behavioral and lifestyle changes relating to direct and exercise, in order to increase your chances of success with making these changes.