The latest review on ADT side effects

Androgen deprivation therapy complications. By Allan et al. 2014 


Key sentence from the paper: “Health professionals caring for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer should be aware of the potential risks of androgen deprivation therapy and ensure appropriate monitoring and clinical management.

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Commentary: There is really nothing much new here that isn’t covered in the ADT Book. Over the last decade or two, we’ve become increasingly aware that ADT has many side effects, and many of them are rather serious. In fact, in recognition of that problem, we wrote the ADT Book.

 As the abstract says, healthcare providers “should be aware of the potential risks of androgen deprivation therapy.” But as that risk list gets longer, it becomes increasingly difficult for clinicians to “ensure appropriate monitoring and clinical management.” Some of that has to be done by the patients themselves.


Allan C, Collins VR, Frydenberg M, McLachlan RI, Matthiesson KL. 2014. Androgen deprivation therapy complications. Endocrine-Related Cancer. 28 May 2014 [Epub ahead of print]